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Health Tips & Fitness Facts

Health Tips

  • Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets
  • Set mini achievable goals along the way to your ultimate goal, this will keep you motivated and more likely to succeed
  • You will never out train a poor diet, be honest with yourself about the food choices you are making, if you treat yourself after every workout, you are not going to see the results you are working so hard to achieve
  • Park further away from the supermarket
  • Use the stairs and not the escalator
  • Cut down on processed foods and try to pick foods in their most natural form
  • Try to drink 2 litres of water per day
  • Change your training routine every  6-8 weeks to continue getting results and prevent your  body from adapting to your workout

Fitness Facts

  • Muscle does not turn to fat!  Fat is Fat and Muscle is Muscle, if you don’t use your muscle you will lose it
  • After the age of 25 you lose roughly ½ -1 lb of muscle per year  and replace it with fat,  if you do not perform some form of exercise to combat the aging effects on your metabolism
  • The more muscle you have the more calories you burn even when you are sleeping
  • Your can’t spot weight reduce or change your body shape, but you can improve it and change your body composition by losing body fat and increasing muscle mass, this will help to speed up your metabolism
  • Most diets concentrate on weight loss and not fat loss, if you are losing more than a few pounds a week you are undoubtedly losing lean body mass and water and not just fat, ultimately this will have an adverse effect on your metabolism and your fat loss results (that is why dieters often end up heavier than before they started to diet)